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Thread: Article: MLB Teams Slyly Raising Spring Training Ticket Prices

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    Article: Florida spring training ticket prices


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    I attended my first spring training in Ft Myers in 2012. Had a blast; I was completely surprised how one can just walk in and witness the everyday goings-on. Being within 20 feet of Tom Kelly training a bunch of first-basemen was one of several highlights. Nothing you said here says that this part of the atmosphere is changing for 2013, but you imply that it might not last forever, and that would be a shame, and would somewhat kill the golden goose IMO.

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    Does anyone know what date the minor leaguer's report this year. And more importantly, what date the minor league games start on the back fields?

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    The Minnesota Twins have made it tougher to get close to some of the fields in spring training themselves and that is a trend that I see getting worse over the years. It probably won't be long before they start charging fans for watching the minor leaguers play their games on the back fields
    This is totally inaccurate, unless you mean access to Hammond Stadium. Last ST I was able to go to the Lee County Sports Complex the days the Twins were not playing any home games, park for free and have access to pretty much everything (including the Hammond Stadium gift shop) but the "observation tower" and the small outdoor "club house". All the players, the managers and the coaches were there. I don't understand what the issue is here. Even the field next to Hammond, which is exclusively used by major leaguers had total access.

    As far as the "same day charge" the Braves have ($5) : I never had been to a Braves' game, but try to get to a Twins' game and attempt to get same day reserve tickets They are all sold. I usually do end up paying the same day charge (around $5 so the $43 and $46 tickets are $50) in the parking lot before games anyways. If there is an issue it should be that. Not allowing multiple pre-sales but at least the scalper prices are low enough.
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    Is an Off Day on the big league schedule truly an Off day?

    In spring training, I hear one of he best things to do is go in before the games begin to see the team practice. Once the games start, is there less of an opportunity to do that, or do they still have early morning practice? I'll be going down in mid-March, so as an alternative, I see there is an "OFF day" scheduled during the week I'll be down there. Does anyone know if there will be practice that day for minor leaguers or is it truly an off day?

    P.S. I've been watching for the minor league report date, too, but I don't think it's been announced yet. It was around mid-January last year when it came out, so should be any day.

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