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Thread: SI: Twins Winter Report Card is a B-

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    I'd take a page from the Brits, I'll give it a U for ungraded. They did nothing to significantly improve the roster that was awful entering the offseason. A team that had few quality major leaguers traded one away and may have gotten one in return. My interest level, and I'd imagine the interest level of most people who the Twins would consider their fans, is about zero for the upcoming season. They have quickly become the worst and least interesting sports entity in the area.

    They've tried nothing and they're all out of ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobs View Post
    They have quickly become the worst and least interesting sports entity in the area.
    No doubt about that. The Vikings are a surprise playoff team, the Wolves have Rubio/Love, and the Wild have Parise/Suter. The Twins are the least interesting team by a longshot.

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    Would the Twins be more interesting if they fielded a team with Hicks and Arcia and Sano and Gibson and Meyer right out of the shoot. Young unproven talent that may/may not surprise?
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    Please don't shoot our top prospects.
    "Maybe you could go grab a bat and ball… and learn something. Maybe you will get it."
    - Strib commenter educating the elitists on the value of RBI's

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    I hope they don't sign Podsednik in particular. Not just because of the weak offense he brings, but the rash of misspellings in fan postings all season will make my head explode like FrodaddyG's.

    Oh, and B+ for an offseason grade, for staying the course for the long haul but not shoring up things for 2013 any better.

    Like some of us call that guy Mastro, we could call him Pods.
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    B- seems reasonable. It is pretty clear that the offseason was targeting the future and not the present. With a top 5 pick in June and quite possibly one next year, they should be able to add two more high quality college type pieces to that mix as well. The trades were excellent, and though the OF will be defensively weaker this season, by 2014, we will be looking at Hicks/Benson/Arcia which should be a nice upgrade in the field and quite possibly at the plate. Trading Span and Revere was smart, as that 2014 team should be auditioning Meyer and May to go with Gibson and Worley.

    I wouldn't be shocked if the 2013 team improves a bit, but I'm not expecting anything more than 70 wins unless Morneau and Mauer suddenly find their old selves, Harden works out, and Deduno figures out how to locate his fastball.

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