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Thread: How Much Would You Pay Marcum?

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    1 year 8 million + 4 million in incentives for innings pitched from 150 to 210 + a 2nd year option at 13 million with 500k buyout.

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    Given the ridiculous direction they're heading with their payroll, I wouldn't hesitate to give a 2nd year and some type of 3rd year vesting option. They're not spending that money anywhere else, there's no risk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLeviathan View Post
    I'd go 2/20, but I don't think it will take that much.

    Does someone with more knowledge of this care to help with the international signing cap? I don't understand how these Cuban guys wouldn't count, is it due to age?
    I think it's something to do with age and league(s) they've played or not played in. I apologize for all the details, but that's what I think I read once.

    EDIT: Found this quote in an article on mlb.com... "Cuban players that are at least 23 years old and have played at least three seasons in a Cuban professional league are not subject to the new international signing guidelines established by the Collective Bargaining Agreement."
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    One year, $10 million if he wants a one-year deal (I would assume that he would NOT want a team option for the second year). If he demands two years, then 2/$17 million would seem to be good. Then a team option for another $10 million. I am less concerned about his injury then most are around here though. Maybe I am wrong.

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    Put the Corriera contract in perspective--because there is no way that Marcum would sign with the Twins for a lesser deal than him. If it's only one year it needs to be at least double that contract. Likely a 2-year deal is required for a 50% premium per year above Correria or it will be no sale.

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    I really don't understand everyone's concerns about his elbow with the way the payroll, team make up and potential prospects currently sit. I'd rather have 21 starts from Shaun Marcum and 10 starts from Kevin Correia than 31 starts from Correia. As been mentioned ad nausea the Pohlads are just going to pocket whatever money isn't being spent over the next 3 years and since the payroll is in line to just continually drop signing Marcum has no impact on the ability to sign other players. Next year's payroll, after Morneau and Blackburn come off the books, is going to be close to $60 million. Add in the $25 million in increased TV revenue and the Twins will have somewhere between $40 and $65 million dollars to spend next offseason. Does anyone think they can/will spend anywhere near that amount? Does anyone think paying Marcum $10 million dollars next year of that $40-60 million is going to hamper the Twins next offseason?

    As far as I'm concerned the Twins can pay whatever they have to in order to bring Marcum here. I don't care if it is a one, two or three year deal. I would further hope if the Twins continue to stink they would be willing to eat a part of that salary to move Marcum, assuming he is a wanted commodity, for good prospects down the road. Other than taking money out of the Pohlad's pockets there is no downside to signing Marcum.

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