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Thread: Need Spring Training Advice On Tickets

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    Need Spring Training Advice On Tickets

    Got the following email from someone today...
    I'm going to Ft Myers in March and planning on seeing a few spring training games. Any advice on tickets? Do they usually sell out? It looks like the games I'll be there for only have level 200 and lawn tickets left. Is it worth it to buy from a re-seller for another seat type?
    The last couple of times I've gone to spring training, I've mostly seen Twins games at other stadiums, so I'm not sure I have the best answer to this. Any advice from the community? Thanks!

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    On my one trip to Hammond Stadium a couple years ago (in the go-go days of 2010) I sat in section 207. I thought the seats were great, and I also thought the price of $23 wasn't too bad either considering I saw two and a half games that day. Parking was around $5 to park on the lawn in the complex.

    Keep in mind that this is a minor league stadium, there aern't too many seats far from the action.

    Also, I think the seats were bleachers, but I could be mis-remembering.

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    200 level seats are great, imo. As the above poster said, nothing is really all that far from the field. And if you go to the first base side, and sit about half way up or higher (row 10 or above), you stay in the shade. The only time I go for lower level seating any more is for night games. Lawn seating seems to be popular and not that bad, but pay attention to the game. I've seen people get pelted by line drive fouls there ... as I've looked on from drink rail seats. Bring towels or blankets to sit on for lawn seats. The 200 seats are bleacher seats ... I always bring a cushion of some sort to sit on; even a folded up beach towel is helpful. And it can also get tight if there are lots of large people in your row. If I'm on the end, by the height of the game, if I don't 'hold my ground' I can get somewhat 'half-cheeked' on the bench. But my experience is by inning 6-7 enough people leave that there's always somewhere to move to if that happens. Also, if he wants to hold out until game day to buy tickets, there is always someone selling tickets; although I wouldn't recommend this on Yankee day. The other thing I've done is go early and wait until an hour before the game. That's when they release any unsold handicap seating. They are the last row behind the lower section, and are comfortable, padded, high-quality folding type seats; more comfortable than the lower section seats, imo. You will be in the sun for the whole game, but being as no one is directly behind you, more air circulates there so it's very tolerable. I've done this even on technically 'sold out' games but I guess I would be remiss not to say this is not a guarantee. But sitting in the 204-207 sections, about row 10 or above ... really not bad and is my preference over all.

    One thing about parking ... it fills up fast. Go early! I can't stress this enough. I've seen cars in line waiting to get into an already full lot and being directed to an adjacent lot into the early part of the game. Even handicap parking fills up fast and can make it very difficult. (My dad requires handicap parking.) And there is enough to see and do that going early is not really a hardship. And the traffic around there that time of year is thick. Even if you think you are allowing enough time, allow for more.

    Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me. I've been to lots of ST games there.

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