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  • Ben Revere

    1 4.35%
  • Dayan Viciedo

    0 0%
  • Mickey Brantley

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  • Delmon Young

    3 13.04%
  • Alex Gordon

    19 82.61%
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Thread: AL Central Position Rankings - Left Field

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    AL Central Position Rankings - Left Field

    The TwinsDaily AL Central Preseason Team's infield is pretty well set. It's time to move to the outfield. Be sure to vote for your choice for "Which AL Central Left Fielder will have the best 2012?"

    The Candidates (2011 stats)

    Minnesota Twins - Ben Revere - .267/.310/.309 (.619) with 9-2B, 5-3B, 0-HR, 30 RBI
    Chicago White Sox - Dayan Viciedo - .255/.327/.314 (.641) with 3-2B, 0-3B, 1-HR, 6 RBI
    Dayan Viciedo MILB - .296/.364/.491 (.856) with 28-2B, 0-3B, 2-HR, 78 RBI
    Cleveland Indians - Michael Brantley - .266/.318/.384 (.702) with 24-2B, 4-3B, 7-HR, 46 RBI
    Detroit Tigers - Delmon Young - .268/.302/.393 (.695) with 21-2B, 1-3B, 12-HR, 64 RBI
    Kansas City Royals - Alex Gordon - .303/.376/.502 (.879) with 45-2B, 4-3B, 23-HR, 87 RBI


    Despite an OPS+ of just 73, Twins fans saw the game-changing speed that Ben Revere possesses in 2011. Now, if he can increase the batting average a bit, and find a way to get his on-base percentage up to reasonable numbers, and he could have a big affect on the Twins 2012 season. In 2011, he set the Twins rookie stolen base record with 34 steals. He will turn 24 in early May.

    The White Sox signed Viciedo as a young 3B from Cuba. Even now, he just turned 23. Last yaer was the first year that he was exclusively playing in the outfield. Although he primarily played right field, manager Robin Ventura thinks that his team's best defensive alignment means Viciedo will play in left field. Although he hasn't found much big league success, he is strong and has a very powerful swing that could eventually play a powerful role in the middle of the White Sox lineup.

    Michael Brantley is the 24 year old son of former big leaguer Mickey Brantley. He is another speedy outfielder with good range. With a full season of games, it is likely that he will surpass most of his father's big league statistics.

    Delmon Young finished 10th in MVP voting in 2010 when he had his breakout season with the Twins. He returned to his frustrating self in 2011 and the Twins traded him to the Tigers in August. He hit third for the Tigers and contributed a little bit to the Tigers playoff run. The team tried to trade the 26 year old much of the offseason but were unable to. If he hits in front of Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder, he could put up decent numbers in 2012 again.

    28-year-old Alex Gordon was the second overall pick in the incredible 2005 draft. While fellow 3B Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Braun got to the big leagues quickly and have had tremendous success throughout their careers, 2011 was finally the breakout year for Gordon. Not only did he perform well with the bat, he won a Gold Glove for his work in left field. He also stole 17 bases.

    There is your information, now it is time to vote. Who will be the best left fielder in the AL Central in 2012?

    My choice?

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    I definitely have Gordon at the top here, but find the ranking the others a bit tougher. I think Delmon could put up good numbers in Detroit, but then I saw too many lousy inside-out swings in his time here to take him seriously, was that the player or the coaching? I also think Detroit may DH him more, depending on how Cabrera handles 3B. Viciendo looks like a player, but is really unproven, Brantley is pretty blah, though he's a good defender and has speed. I think we've beat the potential of Revere to death over the last week or so, what else can we say. He has to learn to get on first, or his ceiling is going to be that of a 4th OF.

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    This was the toughest position ranking for me so far. Had to go with Gordon. I don't know if he can repeat 2011 or not. So far, I'd say this is the position with the most potentially good players. I think we're just going to have to wait this one out and see.
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    Delmon Young
    Alex Gordon
    Dayan Viciedo
    Mickey Brantley
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    Gordon, easily. He has finally developed into the player he was supposed to be 3-4 years ago (when I kept drafting him in my fantasy league). I would expect Delmon to be second on the list, but Revere might be close.

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    1) Gordon
    2) Young
    3) Revere, Brantley, Viciedo

    Gordon wins, because even if he regresses to his career averages is still provides more than what Delmon has provided in non-2010 years. Delmon is second by default because I'm not sure Brantley or Viciedo provide enough offensively to override Delmon's probable offensive production. Revere's defense will be crazy good minus the arm, but unless he hits .310 I don't know if he'll get on base enough to be enough of a force offensively.

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    The difference-making aspect of Revere's speed will be covering left field like a blanket and taking extra bases aggressively. Stolen bases are showy but not all that valuable in and of themselves.

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