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Thread: Spring Training - anyone going?

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    Spring Training - anyone going?

    As I have my tickets for the week I will be there, I was wondering if anyone else would be going to Spring Training. I know many of you probably think, 'Why? The Twins won't be great this year, why bother?' To me it doesn't matter. I love Spring Training for so many reasons. It breaks the drought and brings on a new seasons of games, and hope, for one. Another, it's a unique baseball experience. Three, it's a chance to see former, current, and soon-to-be players working out. Whether or not the Twins are predicted to have a good or bad year, it's a chance to get 'up close and personal' while scoping out who will make the cut as well as the future team. If you go early in training, before the games start, you can wander from field to field watching different workouts. I once saw Rod Carew lay down bunt after bunt after bunt in, well, I guess, bunting practice; watched Gardy and TK do infield drills. And of course various people in batting practice. Just wandering around at that time is a great time to see everyone who came to Spring Training with hopes of making the cut. When games start up, in the first games of the month you'll see a lot of players and pitchers on the field. Pitchers will go 1, 2 or 3 innings in the beginning, while players will be rotated in throughout the game after a certain number of innings played. Towards the end of the month, most of the decisions will be made, you'll see pitchers going longer, and players staying deeper in the games, but there will always be the the final cut and players working to make it. It's just a great baseball experience, imo. So, I will be at the games on Mar. 18, 20, 22.

    If any of you are new to ST, and have questions, I'd be happy to help if I can, although I'm sure there are likely a few more here who are 'in the know' better than me. This will be my 13th ST in a row (I said 12 in another thread but it's 13), and 15-20 over all. My family started coming down when the Twins made the move to Ft. Myers in 1991. Anyway ... just eager for things to get underway!
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    I had every intention of going this year, but due to how things have gone the last year or so, and how management seems to not give a carp about even trying to put out a somewhat competitive team this year, my enthusiasm is lower than it's ever been as a Twins fan...and it's not because they are losing. In the lean mid-late 90s and very early 2000s, I used to go to the Dome as much as I could for a person living in N Dakota. My enthusiasm has waned because of ownership and management. When they brought Ryan back, I knew what was coming, and he's done exactly what I though he would. I don't want to give my money to the people who don't seem to care about putting a competitive product on the field...especially now that the money is available.

    I'll likely go next year, though probably in Arizona with my brother, since he's a big Angels and Dodgers fan.
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    I'd hope a lot of you guys are going, it's open tryouts for the last three spots in the rotation right? It's about quantity this year not quality remember. Start yor long tossing now guys.

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    Just bought the tickets today. This will be my 4th ST down there. Gonna stay in Ft. Myers Beach again. Love hanging out at the minor league complex watching all the practice and games. I realize their not gonna be good this year but getting out of Minnesota for a week in March
    combined with warm temps, mlb baseball, hanging out at the beach, drinking a few beers, etc. makes it all worthwhile. This year I'm gonna
    try to get over to the new Red Sox park and possibly drive up to Sarasota to watch the Twins play the Orioles.

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    My brother and I went last year and we're going back in March (11th-16th). He went in 2011 as well. It was a lot of fun last year and I expect it to be quite interesting again this year. We are going to downtown Ft Myers to see Red Sox/Twins. That should be fun!

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