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Thread: Vikings off-season plan

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    Let's just agree that if you want to draft and develop a back...aim 4th and 5th round....not lumbering 2nd rounders.

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    Good to know I'm not alone in still hating that pick.

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    Basically we are in the 3 year plan mode. Fight for the playoffs this year, go deep in the playoffs next year and win the Super Bowl the year after. The trouble is we still have too many needs to not hit on at least 4 picks and hopefully 5. It isn't that hard when you have 2 picks in the first 22 but when you get to where your first pick is 14-18 it becomes a matter of scouting. QB isn't fixable in this draft if they are thinking of winning the Super Bowl in 2 years. WR is a tricky position to fix draft wise or FA wise. O Line and Defensive front 7 could be fixable later in the draft. I also think more help in the secondary. That takes a big program and most everybody knows the guys who can play before the draft. I would be looking defense for the first pick, either an impact LB or a top d-back. I would also be looking at NDSU vs Sam Houston for a player I could steal in the 6th round.

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