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Thread: Brett Myers

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    (That was a joke, btw.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PseudoSABR View Post
    If you tell me the sky is blue, I'd go outside to check. You're equating Correa to guys with less 100 IP of ML ball. I think you're definition of what a spade is changes depending on whatever argument you seem to be making.
    I just checked for you, the sky is currently black. For a guy who wasn't going to defend the Correia signing, you seem to go out of your way in defending the status quo Twins FO. You again go on the attack without much ammunition to back you up. The spade here is obvious to everyone, except the knee-jerk FO-defenders. $10M has been committed to an unflippable guy who as just as much chance to being a flop as being merely replacement level. The point was consistently made (was it just "asinine rhetoric"? you tell me) that the Twins can find 12 more potential replacement-level pitchers such as DeVries and Deduno for far less than what they've committed to Correia and still be able to afford to upgrade the bullpen with a Jason Frasor-type upgrade (sorry, I just can't stop repeating my "asinine rhetoric").

    Now "just what is the color of the sky in your world"?
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    Hey, if the status quo gets us more Mays and Meyers, I'm all for it!

    Btw, the rhetoric here isn't necessarily asinine, but it sure is butthurt.
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    I am not sure what the hell is going on here, but laying out some facts is nice:

    The Twins not offering Brett Myers a contract is AGAIN BIZARRE. Why not OFFER contracts to these guys? If they haven't even OFFERED to Marcum . . . good god.

    Myers is not necessarily a "character guy" at all. I wouldn't have really liked that guy in the first place, but still.

    Kevin Correia's $10 million contract is a ridiculous signing. It's atrocious. Nick Blackburn's $5.5 million was polluting the payroll this year. Now Correia's EXACT same amount is going to pollute it next year. There was no reason to give him two years. One year and 7 million would have made more sense, but then Scott Baker . . . . Anyway, it is true that Correia is barely above replacement level since I cannot believe it gets any better than is 2012 season at this point. If this comes down to taking innings away from Hendriks, a prospect, who also could be better IMMEDIATELY than Correia in 2013 (and likely in 2014), it is just preposterous. If this comes down to merely being a shuffling part of a deck for Pelfrey and Gibson, then it isn't terrible.

    That all said, I actually trust Nick Blackburn about as much as Correia, especially with time removed from his Twins medical staff produced injury exacerbation (just let bone chips be while you pitch!). So this wasted money is dumb, especially when you put Correia's 2013 salary together with the now gone Span salary and could get close to the yearly salary for Shaun Marcum.

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