In case you missed it, K-Love went off on the T-Wolves in a recent interview, going as far as to call out his GM and owner:
Kevin Love unsure about Timberwolves' future - Yahoo! Sports

I've heard a lot of different takes, but most seem to feel that while some of his complaints have merit, airing them when and how he did was bad form. So he's taken some flack for it.

I have a mixed reaction to it. On the one hand, I appreciate the honesty. Fans often complain about star atheletes answering questions with one cliched non-statement after another,but then when a guy goes off-script and says something controversial, they blast him being unprofessional and having bad judgment. You can't have it both ways.

On the other hand, I think he came off looking like kind of a crybaby here.

He demanded that the roster be upgraded. And he was right. Kahn did that. But now he whines that he comes back and there's a bunch of new faces in the locker room? Well, did you want continuity, or did you want change?

He claims to be all about winning, but when the Wolves don't give him quite the contract he wanted in the interest of leaving some flexibility to sign talent to surround him with later, he whines about not getting more.

And really? They should have tried the Love/Jefferson tandem to see if they could get it to work? Umm, no, having 2 members of your starting front court who are allergic to playing defense is not a recipe for success.

This was the off-the-court equivalent of what he does too much on the court - yell at the refs for not getting a foul call when he should be getting back on D.

In any case, whether appropriate or not, it would be interesting to hear some candid thoughts from Mauer or someone on what the Twins are doing.