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Thread: Most Heart Breaking Twins loss ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izzy997 View Post
    Was that the play Torii botched? I was there also and you're right, the life went out of the place after that.
    Yeah I don't care what anyone else says, I've been here since 03 and never seen the Twins win a playoff series. This game was the worst.

    Retrosheet Boxscore: Oakland Athletics 5, Minnesota Twins 2

    All of the losses to the Yankees could be chalked up to Piranha-ball - losing the second game at home to the Moneyball A's and knowing we were going down in Mauer and Morneau's breakout year (and with Santana) was the worst.

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    Both already mentioned Game 7 1965 W.S. I was 7 and thought Koufax was awesome! Final game of 1967 vs. Red Sox. And just to further show my age...game #2 of the 1969 ALCS vs. Baltimore lost in extra innings.

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    O'Leary's late triple saves Sox | SouthCoastToday.com

    It is an odd one. But I was twelve years old and living in New Jersey at the time and my family had driven to Boston to see the Twins for my Dad's birthday. It was a meaningless game for both teams, but it cemented Rich Becker as my least favorite Twin of all time. He should've caught that ball. We were sitting in centerfielder too.

    There were numerous other ones I had to sit through in the Bronx for the 5 years I was in NJ. But this one was the worst. East coast fans are just not nice also, they are not family appropriate and if you are wearing the other team's hat thry do not even care if you are a kid.

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    September 28, 1995 - the day Puckett got hit by the pitch. It was the last game he ever played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sssuperdave View Post
    I'm sure this isn't the most heartbreaking one, but I'll never forget May 17, 2002. I was in college at the time and had stayed up way too late watching this game...

    The Twins were playing the Yankees in New York
    I remember this one too, exact same circumstances (watching it late in college).

    I've always felt that this game set the tone for the Gardenhire Twins record against the Yankees. The plucky 2001 Twins didn't seem to have a problem with NY. Neither did previous Tom Kelly Twins teams, beyond their inherent late-90s sucking in general. Nothing that seemed to foretell a curse.

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    Can't comment on 1965 or 1967 (or 1984, for that matter). My worst have generally been mentioned here already:

    2004 ALDS Game 2 (decent expectations, curse hadn't set in yet)
    2004 ALDS Game 4
    2009 ALDS Game 2 (I should have known better, but I didn't)
    2002 May 17 vs Yankees (for starting the curse IMHO)
    2006 ALDS Game 1 (BIG expectations, no Yankees, what happened?)
    2006 ALDS Game 2
    2010 ALDS Game 1 (bad games, but by now the curse was expected)
    2010 ALDS Game 2
    2008 Game 163 (expectations were low)
    2002 ALCS Game 5 (not a fun way to go out)

    I'd like to add another:

    2001 August 14 vs Cleveland -- season expectations were low but this pretty much knocked us out for good that year (although the four-game sweep in Tampa that preceded this game didn't help matters):
    August 14, 2001 Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians Box Score and Play by Play - Baseball-Reference.com

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