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Thread: Playoffs?!?!

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    Coming into the season I said I would be thrilled if the Vikings could somehow be in the playoff hunt down the stretch. Having relevant games to watch in December is a fun thing (much better then the garbage we have seen the last two years)

    With that said, the Vikes now have a shot to make the playoffs, 3 wins and they are in, 2 wins and I think they miss out (but still could sneak in with how this season is going)

    Seattle I think ends up with at least 10 wins and hold the tiebreaker over the Vikings anyways. The good news is, if both Minnesota and Chicago end up at 10-6 I believe the Vikings will hold that tiebreaker? Wasington holds the tiebreaker over us, but I can't see them winning out, especially if RGIII is seriously hurt. Dallas..meh.

    So 3 wins and we are in. @STL is first, not an easy game by any stretch of the imagination but it is certainly winnable and hopefully Houston and Green Bay both have things "wrapped up" where we don't have to play them at 100%. Houston is the really tough one where we need help, I think we could beat GB at home as long as we don't turn the ball over.

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    I believe the Bears own the tiebreaker over the Vikings cause they beat them in the first head to head matchup.

    The best thing the Vikings have working for them is that Houston might not have **** to play for that last week of the season. But I expect GB to walk into the dome and beat them again.

    Nothing wrong with an 8 win season considering where they started the year. We learned that Ponder sucks, AP is a God, the WR suck and there's a few nice pieces on defense. Let Alex Smith and 2013 looks alot brighter.

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    If the Bears beat the Packers next week, and the Vikings win, there's a reasonable chance the Vikings could still take the division via the 3rd tie break (w-l % in common games), providing the Bears go on to lose in Detroit, and the Packers lose in Minnesota in the final week, while each winning their weak 16 games (and the vikings winning out). In this case, the Bears and Packers would go to the 5th, or even 6th or 7th tie breaks for any wildcard spot.

    Here is one scenario

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    Looking at the last two opponents on the Vikings list doesn't exactly have me brimming with confidence
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