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Thread: Article: Does Ben Revere’s Departure Portent Justin Morneau Trade?

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    Unless overwhelmed by a trade request, I would keep Morneau at least until the trade deadline. Shows a sign of stability and is someone the fans like to come out and see.

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    In a sense, I think the Revere trade makes trading Morneau now less likely. I'm still a little shocked we got both a Major League starter and a prospect for him. But we have one of our starting pitchers now, and money to get a couple more, meaning if everything (EVERYTHING) breaks right they can contend next year, and part of that is a quality season by Morneau.

    My perspective here is that they still want to try and compete next year. If we trade Morneau, we now need to move Parmelee to first and then we probably need a FA OF or we're turning over RF to Arcia or Hicks (who may be great someday, but most reports say they're probably not ready yet). Who do you think is most likely to have an above average hitting season next year, Justin Morneau, a Rick Ankiel type, or Oswaldo Arcia? Cause we need one of those to happen to realistically be competitive next season.

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    Wait to trade Morneau until we see if Parmalee works out. That would be trading deadline next year.

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    To the question at hand, the trade market for Morneau (and Mauer) should be explored and exploited if possible. More high ceiling MiLB power arms, multiple-tool SS, and C in the mix. If the market is not ripe, see if #33 would sign a reasonable extension. He can always be traded in the future, but a reasonable extension improves his marketability. As an aside, the Twins conservative approach to extensions is a flaw that needs to be fixed. Don't extend young marginal talent (e.g. Blackburn) and do not wait on future stars - Mauer should have had the Longoria treatment right after call-up. Finally, do not understand the fascination with Parmalee. He is replacement value at best. Subpar fielder at any position. Unremarkable hitter. I am fine giving him a shot, but he is not a solution to any Twins problem. And move Willingham if Twins get quality in return. Best case scenario in 2013 is 75 wins, which is not going to move the fans to the stands. However, hope sells.

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    I don't get the logic. Trading Revere actually makes trading Morneau less likely. One fewer outfielder means Parmelee will be needed in right field in 2013.

    Not that a Morneau trade at this point is all that likely, anyway. Right now, his value is marginal, considering his contract. If he puts up great numbers in the first half of 2013 and we're out of it at the break, then, yeah. His value would be pretty huge at that point, because any team interested in him would recoup his salary in the playoffs. Teams don't like to spend that kind of money unless they know they have a good chance of winning it all.

    I suppose you might say a pure salary dump makes some sense. But not if you listen to Ryan. He said he doesn't want to sign a big contract pitcher like Grienke, who's pretty much the only pitcher the Twins can't afford with their payroll. Ryan statement means he's not going to dump salary more salary. This post is a nonstarter.

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    You move Morneau now because you've got to get Mauer out from behind the plate. I'm thinking Parmalee at 1st and Mauer in RF, because Mauer has a bazooka arm and better foot speed.

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