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Thread: How tall?

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    How tall?

    My curiosity over something else caused me to look up the Elizabethton roster, and when doing so I noticed that Rory Rhodes is listed as a 6'7" outfielder. Which immediately made me go, "Outfielder? Really?"

    Now I have no idea if he will ever play at the Major League level, but I started wondering who the tallest outfielders ever might have been. I really don't have a great feel for all the players from all different teams over the years. My first thought was Shawn Green, but he was 6'4". Barry Bonds popped to mind, but his steroids physique obviously tricked my brain into thinking he was taller than his 6'2". I finally remembered Dave Winfield, who was 6'6".

    Anybody know of someone who was taller than that as an outfielder? I have a hard time imagining someone that tall being an outfielder, most of the freaky good athletes that size are likely basketball players (which Winfield also was, if I recall correctly).

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    Frank Howard was the tallest outfielder at 6'7, tied with Walt Bond and Billy Ashley, who were more part-time guys.

    Minnesota's own Bill Davis was also 6'7, one of many first basemen among the 9 total 6'7 listed players who comprise the tallest non-pitcher ever to play.
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    Other tall outfielders...

    Dave Kingman 6'6"
    Corey Hart 6'6"
    Jayson Werth 6'5" (I thought I saw him listed at 6'6" somewhere but Baseball-Reference lists him shorter)

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