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Thread: Twins are not the only team interested in Pavano

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    Pavano? No.

    Liriano as a gamble is a completely different animal, one well worth taking.

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    Perhaps this "thread" exists because Pavano's agent is trying to build a market for his client. If this is real it signifies that there is no effort to actually make this team competively interesting (I don't even mean a challenger) for 2013 and calls into question if there is a short term plan other than to slash payroll ala Miami.

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    Say no to Pavano for a team rebuilding let's not waste a spot on him!

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    I was car shopping this week... I was amazed how many different cars are selling like hotcakes.

    I really really liked the new Dodge Dart and the sales guy says that those babies are humming. The entire town has come in to check them out... I can believe it... The Dart was damn nice but...
    I'd be looking at an Impreza and the sales guy says he can't keep them in stock.
    I'd be looking at a Civic and yep the sales guy says they are flying out the door.
    Focus... Fiesta... Fusion... Impala... Accord... Jetta... Scion... all of them... In demand... Moving... Big time interest.

    The Auto industry must be doing real well or these sales guys are less than honest and may be imbellishing the market a bit.

    I could be looking at an AMC Pacer and the sales guy would tell me that he's had 5 people look at it this week. The AMC Pacer Sales guy is the same guy who represents Pavano.

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    I highly doubt the Twins have any interest in bringing Pavano back. This is just agent talk trying to make teams think their client is desirable to teams.
    All that has to be said about Pavano is that NO teams are willing to give him more than a minor league deal. Why else would he come out and say he would love to pitch for the MARLINS? Enough said...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parker Hageman View Post
    ...at his accelerated age.
    While there are days that "accelerated" feels accurate, I think "advanced" is the word you're looking for. (At least I hope so. If it goes any faster...}

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bonnes View Post
    I want long-term solutions, too. So here are your options...
    1. Pay a lot of money for a top-notch free agent...
    2. Make a trade that gives up some valuable players/prospects.

    I can see the Twins doing both - ONCE. After that, they still have two spots to fill. When I (and I assume others) say I'm not opposed to Pavano, it doesn't mean as the premier signing of the offseason. It means this rotation is gutted right now that having a guy that throws 200 IP at a league average ERA at the back end of our rotation would be a significant upgrade.

    Look at it this way: Diamond (even according to Ryan) is a #3. I'd be thrilled with Pavano being the #4.
    Here is my question, we need pitching for 2013, but dont we need it in 2014 and 2015 and?
    If we were to sign sanchez at 16-17 million per year for 4 years and an option at 20 million for the 5th year ,Wouldnt that give the rotation and the kids some stability, the way radke did for all those years?

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