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Thread: Article: A Full Forty - Dissecting the 40-Man Roster (Pitchers)

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    Article: A Full Forty - Dissecting the 40-Man Roster (Pitchers)

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    seems like LOOGY should just be LOOG, or LHOOG, which the pronounced H! it would still sound cool to say. maybe cooler. how did it become what it is? and thanks much for the summary.

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    Pretty sure LOOGY isn't an acronym but simply a derogatory term used for the near useless guy teams like to waste a roster spot on despite the fact he can only face one batter a night.

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    Who are the first to go from this list? With the need for 3-4 rotation fillers, some will have to be cut from this list. Here are the 4 I would cut in order:
    Caleb Thielbar
    Josh Roenicke
    Tim Wood
    Cole De Vries

    Do players have to remain on the 40-man for any amount of time after they are added?

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    h2oface, as of December 6th, you can pretty much count on Slama being gone.

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    The key question is who has options? I believe Burnett still does. Robertson, Swarzak, Guerra. I expect three of those three to make the 25 man out of spring training regardless of performance. With Fien, Burton, Duensing, and Perkins locks, Burnett is likely headed to Rochester to start the year. I doubt they signed Roenicke for Rochester and I doubt he has options. So that puts Robertson or Swarzak on notice.

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