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Thread: Strib's Howard Sinker: Twins are the Nishiokas of MLB

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinsfaninsaudi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by twinsfaninsaudi View Post
    I'm predicting what no one else seems to be: the Twins will sign Kevin Correia to a two year deal with a team option for a third…
    Can I get any props please?
    I'm not convinced you aren't Terry Ryan with that prediction...

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    .....HE's a WITCH

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    I have given up my season tickets. I had 6 tickets for 20 games. I shared this with Family and friends but found last year was very diffiucult to find takers. I live in the Rochester area so travel is also an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Crikket View Post
    Since I'm an out of stater, I'm not a season ticket holder, regardless of the talent on the field. That said, I made zero trips to Target Field in 2012 (after making several trips a year for the prior several years) and unless the Twins do something to convince me they are willing to try to compete in 2013, I won't waste my money on trips in 2013 either.
    Does the visiting team still get a percentage of the gate? I usually try to make it down to Oakland when the Twins visit, and I don't expect my policy would change just because of a rebuilding pattern. OTOH, it's just a couple of tickets, depending on who comes with me. If the Twins get 10% of my sixty bucks, that's what, enough to pay for a third year of Correia, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brock Beauchamp View Post
    You can get a kick in the balls for predicting something so awful that actually came true.

    Who deserves that kick in the balls now?

    Source: Kevin Correia is on his way to your house to beat you up - Twinkie Town

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