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Thread: Article: Position Analysis: First Base

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    Article: Position Analysis: First Base

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    Boy, I hope Morneau is able to come back stronger than predicted, but it really is a crap shoot at this point. I just remember what a beast he was pre-concussion, if he could get back somewhat close to that... Seriously, Luke Hughes has no business being anywhere near regular 1B ABs and the other guys mentioned (besides the guy I hope is usually catching) really are not major league first basemen. Parmelee has a chance, but I think we agree, he could really use some AAA ABs to re-find his power. The Twins are in a tough position because they don't know what to expect out of Morneau, who is one of their highest paid hitters. Ideally they would have signed someone to DH, that could also fill in at 1B, I thought Doumit was that guy, but I guess 1B is not the ideal spot for him. If they could get a guy like Derek Lee for a couple million, they would be in a lot better position to deal with potential maladies that Justin will deal with this year, and have a fairly capable DH, allowing Doumit more time behind the plate and in the OF.

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    Regardless of how Justin's situation evolves, as difficult as it has been for the Twins to get hits and score runs this spring I don't see how they can come north without having Chris Parmelee on the roster. I realize he has not even played in AAA, yet, but he is one of the few Twins consistently ripping the ball. It would be interesting to see an every-day lineup with Justin as the DH, Parmelee at first, Doumit as a back-up catcher and sometimes outfielder, and Drew Butera in Rochester.

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