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Thread: Mackey: How to Fix the Twins? (Part 3)

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    and there is another issue or two in play here: There are at least 3 CFs at the FA market who are better than Span (Bourn, Victorino, Pagan, Hunter maybe) but they cost more. Also, teams know that the Twins have to trade one of Span or Revere so that cuts down the expectations.

    As far as Span goes, his lack of concentration sometimes really bothers me. At the batter's box, on the bases, on the field. He has spurs that he seems to be in his own world. And I suspect that I am not the only one who has seen that.
    I've mentioned the price of the other available guys...which makes Span's value even better. Also, I'm not sure why the Twins HAVE to trade Span or Revere. They certainly should consider it based on needing pitching combined with their OF depth. But need to? I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.
    The Twins cannot afford two low SLG, good glove, SB, leadoff OFs when their MIF is going to be a mess. So one has to go. I'd take the one who is a better fielder, better runner, younger with higher up-side, and cheaper and trade the one who is on his prime with a decent contract...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLeviathan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ThePuck View Post
    No, first you said, 'You're getting caught over-valuing a player you watch every day' Then you said, 'I'm not saying you are necessarily over-valuing him' Exact opposites.
    Try and keep up - my opinion is that you are over-valuing him. Necessarily so? No, you could be right in the end.
    Oh Jesus, whatever man...unbelievable

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