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I think the Twins need to talk frankly with Morneau about why he struggled so mightily against lefthanders last year. Whether his post concussion symptoms, blurred vision and dizziness, namely, are factors. I don't buy that he can miss the better part of 18 months and then turn into an everyday player overnight. They will need to bring in a righthanded power bat to hold 1B if, as I suspect, the new splits are permanent. No team can afford that kind of lousy production from the 1B against lefthanders.
Not only do I disagree that the splits are permanent, but as I recall, he was doing abysmally against lefties in the early months of 2012, then average against lefties, and then pretty respectably as the months went on. That kind of improvement is expected if he is to regain his form. I think he will. Perhaps not to MVP-caliber, but if his head stays healthy in 2013, he should be back to the old-school power-threat Morneau and absolutely not a candidate to platoon.