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Thread: Article: Minnesota Twins 2012 Season Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brock Beauchamp View Post
    That the Twins really need a lot of help to be good again.
    Then we're back to the point of my first response, which is that the original rotation getting only XX starts is not really the core of the problem; that just hands Gardy and Ryan an excuse. "How could we win, when our rotation got only XX starts?"

    The starting pitching has to be fixed, and (as George Orwell's buddy just said) nothing else matters much until that happens. Necessary, yet not sufficient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Nelson View Post
    * Full healthy season from Justin Morneau, who only in the second half has started looking his old self.
    * Another year of progression for Ben Revere.
    * Chris Parmelee continues to blossom in a more full-time role.
    And it's not like anyone was really playing way over his head.
    A couple issues with this Nick. I think it's pretty clear Willingham probably had the best year of his career and quite likely a season he will never repeat again. I don't want to split hairs over "way over his head", but let's face it - we won't get this season again. I'm with you on Parmalee, but part of what you've suggested is that we'll be better about taking advantage of our OBP but Parmalee only sees the field if we move one of those OBP strengths. (Span)

    How much more do you expect Revere to progress? As you've suggested, what he's done is what he's been doing in the minors. Do you expect him to excel beyond that past at the major league level?

    Morneau has been great, but I can't count on that. And all this and we're still talking a below average AL offense. I think people have really inflated this offense's capability by juxtaposing it against the starting staff. That isn't the best way to judge it IMO.

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    The Twins don't need an ace to complete they need a couple of guys to give them 180-200 innings of starting pitching. There are a lot of guys like that on the market. Shawn Marcum, Joe Saunders, Anibal Sanchez, Colby Lewis, Bradon McCarthy, Carlos Villanueva, Kyle Loshe, Edwin Jackson, Ryan Dempster and Zack Greinke. I'm sure the Twins could get one of those guys. If their payroll is going to be around 100 million then they have money to spend. If they can dump Morneau and Span that's even more money. If they get get a starting pitcher for Span great, and if they can dump Morneau's salary great. He provides no value that Parmelee can't bring at 520,000 bucks.

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