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Thread: Vegas Over/Under Picks

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    Vegas Over/Under Picks

    Hi gang,

    I just finished making my AL team wins over/under picks with Aaron Gleeman. I thought I better record them somewhere for posterity. I'd love your reactions and picks.

    AL West
    Angels (92.5) - Both Aaron and I stayed away from this
    Rangers (91.5) - Both Aaron and I chose the over.
    Mariners (72) - I'm under, Aaron stayed neutral.
    A's (71.5) - We both stayed away from this.

    AL East
    Yankees (93.5) - We both like over.
    Red Sox (89.5) - Aaron likes the over. I kinda do, but stayed away.
    Devil Rays (87) - We both like the over on the Rays
    Blue Jays (81) - We both stayed away.
    Orioles (69.5) - I like the under. Aaron stayed away.

    AL Central
    Tigers (92.5) - Aaron takes the over, but I stayed neutral.
    Royals (80.5) - I like the under, Aaron is staying away.
    Indians (79) - I like the under. Aaron is staying away.
    White Sox (74.5) - I like the under. Aaron is staying away from this one, too.
    TWINS (73) - We both like the over on this one.

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    AL West
    Angels (92.5) - Over
    Rangers (91.5) - Over
    Mariners (72) - Neutral
    A's (71.5) - Neautral
    AL East
    Yankees (93.5) - Over
    Red Sox (89.5) - Under
    Devil Rays (87) - Over
    Blue Jays (81) - Under
    Orioles (69.5) - Neutral
    AL Central
    Tigers (92.5) - Under
    Royals (80.5) - Over
    Indians (79) - Neutral
    White Sox (74.5) - Under
    TWINS (73) - Over
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    My husband tried to convince me to write a blog about why 73 wins is too low. Now granted I'm a homer, took the Vikings over last season, but who doesn't think the Twins can improve on last season by 10 wins. Sure there's a lot of IFs, but at least all the players that would be hole fillers have a little experience.

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