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Thread: Article: Parmelee's Promising Power

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    Jack seems to be confusing "possible" with "likely". By the logic that some mediocre minor leaguers, have become excellent major leaguers, therefore this will happen to Parmelee, it's saying that *most* minor leaguers will become major league MVPs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fanatic Jack View Post
    Parmelee will be as good if not better than Morneau someday.
    you really are a fanatic

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    Quote Originally Posted by shanewahl View Post
    Maybe Parmelee thrives up there and is only averagish in the minors for whatever reason (similar to Span).
    I think Span had Lasik surgery during the offseason the year before he made the jump, which might explain some of his improvement.

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    Hey Fanatic Jack, thanks for kicking off Hyperbole Day with a heretofore unequaled flourish in the entire history of mankind.

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    I think he will have a major league career but I wonder if he is closer to Kubel than Morneau. Based on splits I have seen, I wonder if it is reasonable that he will hit well enough against lefties to be an everyday 1B. That doesn't mean he won't be a valuable player but it may take a manager willing to platoon to maximize that value.

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    So, If Parmalee performs in spring training as he did last September does he take the DH job and push Doumit to the OF? I think there is a chance.

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