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Thread: Jason Kubel on Target Field

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    Well, if you haven't seen this, it would give you an additional perspective for a couple of those that have complained about it:


    So, Kubel and Cuddyer pay have been being hit by two factors at once. They were playing in a more pitcher friendly park and they were on the downward side of their power peaks.

    Ironically, in the first season at Target Field, I remember Cuddyer had been pretty vocal this issue early on. At the time he had only five HR (or something like that) and every one had come at Target field.

    From everything I've read (analysis of the same hitters at various parks) the park is pitcher friendly but not quite to the extent that people seem concerned about it.

    Parker did a great analysis (http://www.startribune.com/sports/tw...131334289.html) of what kinds of hitters could be more likely to see success in Target Field. You should read it if you haven't!

    The fact is, too, that besides Twins playing at Target Field, the sample size is pretty small still. It may be need a couple more seasons before it can be said just how pitcher friendly it is.

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    The key is that out of town scoreboard in right center. You really have to get every stitch of the ball like Jim Thome would to hit it out of there. I remember last year when Prince Fielder hit a really good line shot that would have been out in probably 26 other parks in the league. He watched it and walked. Then he jolted into a sprint to get to 2nd base when he realized it didn't have the height for that part of the park.

    I'm fine keeping the dimensions where they are, but now this team has to get right handed. It's a lot easier to deposit a ball over that Budweiser sign than get it over the limestone or the scoreboard. That's a huge reason as to why they got so badly outhomered at home last year. They had one right-handed slugger in Cuddyer. Most teams had more than that. Willingham was a good start, and platooning Plouffe against lefties provides some right handed pop as well. Hopefully Benson, Hicks, and Sano are developing an ability to turn on pitches

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    I'm in agreement with those saying that the Twins are built to succeed in a pitcher-friendly park. They don't have the kind of lineup that's going to hit for big power even if the fences are moved in by 10 feet, but their pitch-to-contact staff is certainly helped out by dimensions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinsfiend View Post
    Now that is silly. The front office didn't build the ballpark to appease any pitchers on our staff. They kept the dimensions very similar to the Metrodome. No one knew how this field was gonna play until games were played their.

    Personally, I think the allys are too deep, but it is what it is. Its not gonna be cheap to change the dimensions if they do it right, and I don't think its something they should jump into too quickly. I also don't like the silly itty bitty parks (like Houston's park, which I don't know what to call, cuz its name changes every 10 seconds).

    Look at some of the nice newer parks in the league that aren't hitter friendly, like in SF, and SD. Those are great parks too. SF just won a World Series in theirs, no reason we can't win in ours.
    I love you, right on.

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