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Thread: World Series Hopeful

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    World Series Hopeful

    Now that the Brave's are in the playoffs - I really am pulling for them to win it all. I know, for me, it would be nice to see 1st Ballot HOFer Larry "Chipper' Jones go out on the highest note possible. This season seems like it is up for grabs and there is no clear cut favorite.

    Of the teams that you feel are destined for the playoffs... what's your gut feeling - your choice?

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    I have long given up trying to prognosticate, but my preferences would be a Baltimore-Washington series - The fans of both teams have been some of the most long-suffering in the country, and it would be nice to see something good come out of the nation's capital this year.

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    I'm obviously biased, but after the umps took away Bobby Cox's opportunity to go out on top, so I would love to see Chipper (Bobby's last draft pick as GM) go out on top. The thing that separates for me in the playoffs are the bullpens. Last year, the Cardinals entire bullpen seemed to be clicking as they entered the playoffs along with their rotation going fairly deep into games, even if they weren't throwing shutouts each game. The Braves 4 playoff starters (Medlen, Hudson, Minor, Maholm) are all getting deep into games, the bullpen is going very well, and they're putting Tommy Hanson into the bullpen as a strong arm that could go more than an inning if needed.
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    Having relocated to Texas and seen the Rangers collapse in the World Series the past two years, I think I'd be partial to cheer for them to finally get that ring. But I would be conflicted if they were up against the Orioles or A's in the first round as I typically cheer for the underdogs. Overall, a Rangers-Reds World Series would be my top choice right now. If not that, then any World Series matchup that doesn't involve the Yankees or Cardinals I'd probably be happy with.

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    I'm pulling for the Os, but I worry that their 1-run game record, and 16 consecutive extra inning victories is all building for a collapse in the play in game.

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