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Thread: Target Cody Ross?

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    Can he pitch?
    YES!!!! He once threw a no hitter for Carlsbad HS and also sports a career 1.00 whip in the majors!
    better option than Nick Blackburn

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    The Twins didn't call up Hicks/Arcia because of economics. It just doesn't make financially to call either up until June/July to gain an extra year of team control and avoid super two.
    as much as anyone can argue this isnt true.....it is.
    MN is still running the organization as a small market club doin things like this. You'ld hope, as a fan, that this would be something the club woulda jettisoned.....but they didnt. You CAN run a team with a 100m payroll on the cheap
    I call bull. Almost every team in baseball plays this game unless that player is needed for a playoff run like Machado this year. September callups of elite prospects on non-contenders is largely a thing of the past.

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