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Thread: Jeter has a chance of breaking Molitorís record for hits by a player 38 or older

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    Jeter has a chance of breaking Molitorís record for hits by a player 38 or older

    When Molitor was finishing up his career with the Twins, he set the record for most hits by a player 38 or older. He had 225 hits in 1996 at age 39. Derek Jeter is 34 hits away from breaking that mark so he would need to get hot over the course of the rest of the season.

    Check out the story here and discuss below.

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    Yet another reason to cheer against the Yankees. People often discuss the importance of playing a position when it comes to HOF voting. No one really bothered to mention that Molitor was perhaps All-Star worthy as an infielder but didn't put up his HOF numbers until he became a virtual full-time DH at age 34.

    Edit: I didn't want that to sound like a rip on Molitor, he was a great ballplayer, largely underappreciated and rightfully deserves to be in the HOF. I just find it amusing that his best years happened during what should have been the downside of his career. Surely playing DH played a factor in that anomoly.
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    Seems like kind of a useless statistic to me.

    "I led this club in ninth inning doubles in the month of August!"

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