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Thread: Who Would You Feature at 2B and SS?

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    Who Would You Feature at 2B and SS?

    Who would you feature at 2B and SS the rest of the 2012 season? Why?

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    For me it doesn't really matter since I don't expect anyone on the current roster to be playing there in 2014. Jamey Carroll, Pedro Florimon, Alexi Casilla, Brian Dozier (AAA), and Eduardo Escobar (AAA) are the only 5 options right now. Carroll is gone after 2013 and is an old man. I don't expect anything bright from Florimon. Casilla's future is a big question mark. Both Dozier and Escobar have proven they aren't competent at this point and I wouldn't want to see either back in the bigs just yet. I guess I'd say Casilla at 2B for sure and a rotation of Carroll and Florimon at SS.

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    Twins have 6 players for 3 positions next year, TR needs to sort this out as there will not enough spring training AB's to make choices. Dozier is strugging, so give him a breather and see what Floriman can do. Doubt he will hit as well as Dozier can, but if he is a much better fielder, he has a chance. Nishi is gone, but will probably be given a look next spring, need to find out if Casilla should be kept. I believe the infield next year will be Dozier, Carroll, and either FLoiman or Escobar.

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    Who would you feature at 2B and SS the rest of the 2012 season? Why?
    Might as well plug Florimon into the SS role and play Carroll at 2B. If Florimon can't crack a .320 OBA then I would put Carroll at SS and play Casilla at 2B.

    I am somewhat intrigued by Mastroianni playing 2B.
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