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Thread: Rochester Standouts

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    Rochester Standouts

    Rochester has two statistical standouts, one a pitcher and one a position player. Both guys were on the Opening Day roster, sent down, returned and sent down again. Besides this, both guys really struggled for the Twins. Of course, they are Liam Hendriks (starting pitcher) and Chris Parmelee (1st baseman).

    Let's look at the raw numbers: Hendriks 9-2 record, 1.99 ERA, <1.00 WHIP, 25 BB, 75 K in just under 100 IP
    Parmelee .360 BA .471/.703/1.175 OPS slash line 15 HR 41 RBI in just 47 games and about 210 PAs.

    Those numbers are beyond solid for both guys. Better performance from both would have to be expected on their next trip to Minnesota. Is there any reason (other than this year's MLB numbers) why Hendriks can't be a decent starter and Parmelee a capable hitter? I look forward to both guys getting a chance to reverse their major league numbers. While September success doesn't automatically translate to season long performance (see Parmelee's 2011 September), I think it would do wonders for both player's confidence going forward and help the Twins to decide whether either guy can be counted on for next year.

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    Is there any reason (other than this year's MLB numbers) why Hendriks can't be a decent starter and Parmelee a capable hitter?
    Nope... Other than MLB players are really, really good. But AAA track record for guys that are young has to mean something... Not always, but usually. Both have done exactly what you would hope they would do when sent down. Forced the issue and gave the Twins some guys to be excited about.

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    I'm actually surprised Hendricks hasn't returned to give him another shot... I have to think they are specifically asking him to work on somthing and thus far haven't seen him consistently doing it. At least in Parmelee's case, there isn't room for him.

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    Could be that they both thrive under Bobby Cuellar and Tom Brunansky and not so much under Andy and Vavry.
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    while i am not as high on hendricks as most, i do think he can pitch in the bigs as maybe a #5 or long reliever....the thing with hendicks is all of his pitches are avg at best, so he has to rely on pinpoint location & a very good called game...i would actually like to see him struggle in AAA to show he is trying to make adjustments & do something a little different...he needs to pitch in the PCL for a while & then you learn to make adjustments..he is very lucky to be in the twins organization, most others he would have been shifted to the bottom of the depth chart & probably wouldnt occupy a 40 man spot after 12 or so not so good starts in the bigs. most on here would take hendricks over deduno, but to me its not even close , deduno has much better stuff,FB velo,movement, slider is plus..the only thing deduno lacks is control & honestly i dont think he will ever get it, thats why i think he should & will be shifted to the pen where he could throw his slider 99% of the time & be successful...

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    Parmelee showed pretty big power and patience early in his career, but struggled with Ks and BA. He was obviously asked to make some adjustments, which sapped his power but apparently improved his ability to put the ball in play. Now it appears that he may have figured out how to combine the two.

    The guy was a first rounder because he appeared to have the tools to rake. I think those tools are finally being realized, and I think he's likely to become a productive major leaguer, even more so than Plouffe, whose career took a similar path.

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    Terry Ryan was asked pregame & said both will remain in ROC till Sept (barring injury) as its better to have success in ROC than sit in MN.

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    I like Hendriks, but think that he needs a better out pitch.

    When Hendriks pitched in Anaheim earlier this year, the Angels kept fouling the ball off until they could make good contact, and it seemed like Hendriks had good control but below average stuff.

    I wish that Hendriks could trade 25% of his control for 25% of Deduno's natural curveball. If this were possible, they could compete for a Cy Young award. Maybe they should be required to become roommates.

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    Hendricks could be one of the very good Triple A pitchers who cannot make it in the majors. I think the good clubs will eat him alive. I hope we do not see him in September and he is told he has to win a spot next spring. Do not think he can do it.
    Parmalee should be up here, but has no spot. It will be interesting how this is handled over the winter. My best line would be to extend Morneau and package Parmalee and Span for something really good (Seattle needs major hitting help and has pitching to spare)

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    He's ready for the bigs, just needs to keep his head and take (and get through) his lumps. I can see him as a strong #3/4 for us in the future. He'll figure it out.
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