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Thread: August 9th

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    August 9th

    Scranton/WB vs Rochester 6:05 PM
    SWB: Maine (5-3, 5.23) vs. ROC: Walters (3-1, 2.64)

    New Britain vs Binghamton 5:35 PM
    NBR: Darnell (8-9, 4.99) vs. BIN: Peavey (5-7, 5.38)

    Jupiter vs Fort Myers 6:05 PM
    JUP: Neal (2-0, 1.53) vs. FTM: Summers (1-2, 4.50)

    Beloit vs Quad Cities 7:05 PM
    BEL: Wheeler (12-5, 3.34) vs. QC: Villanueva (7-5, 4.04)

    Elizabethton vs Johnson City 6:05 pm
    ELZ: Boyd (2-5, 2.63) vs. JC: Lee (1-3, 4.18)

    GCL Orioles vs GCL Twins

    DSL Orioles vs DSL Twins Doubleheader

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    Did something happen with Walters? Only 0.2 before leaving the game for Rochester?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pius Jefferson View Post
    Did something happen with Walters? Only 0.2 before leaving the game for Rochester?
    How about he pitched really badly? 4 hits, a HR and DB, a WP and BB.

    This qualifies as a setback for sure. More Duensing and Deduno.

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    i was watching, walters wasnt great but he wasnt bad, made good pitches to lead off guy & he snuck a GB over the bag at 1st & got hung up between 1st & 2nd , was dead at 2nd but hi throw let him get in...bad pitch to 2nd batter..groundball out , broken bat single...fukodome fouled off several pitches, walters was only throwing 35 pitches...atleast he got them all in this time..last outing was 18 pitches....i have seen walters in memphis alot and he has a big league change up, if he is healthy he can help this team in the future.

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    I thought Tanner Boyd was suppose to have zip on his fastball? 2 K's in 4 ip tonight and only 27 in 41 innings pitched.

    Michael left the game for Fort Myers during his second at bat.

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