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Thread: Article: Etiquette, the Internet, and You

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    But it is acceptable to post sarcasm directed at each other? Derision about other posts is allowed just allowed? A lot of nasty shots were taken at Thrylos and this did not reappear, so why now?

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    I too have been reticent to comment, a bit reluctant to stir up abuse. I tend to skim the comments, and focus on those contributors who (whom?) I seem to trust. One bit of perspective - goodness, two years of poor baseball is nothing, in the grand scheme of things! I have gone whole decades when the Twins have been non-competitive; it is fun to see how this organization can come back from the setback of the last two years. This is a grand puzzle, a fun diversion. Enjoy!

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    I would add that we might not only be civil to each other, but also to the players/management debated.

    Drew Butera is an example. Writing about his historically poor batting performance supported by facts/data is on one side of a gray line. Blasting him personally or mixing his name with any assortment of asterisks and symbols is on the other.

    It is a small step from calling a player names to doing the same to each other.

    I hope to be more careful in writing about players and keeping it objective and fact/data based.

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