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There should be no reason to trade Morneau whatsoever.

When he's healthy, he is our best player. And it looks like he is getting that back. Keep the top six hitters together (seven if you count Plouffe) and try to get a real SP or two and we might be able to make things interesting next year.
I agree with most of what you are saying. When he is healthy, I think he and Willingham are our best players, in the power game, anyway. Revere and Mauer beat both of them in average any day of the week. I agree that we should keep our best players together, but if we could clear the books of the money that Morneau is owed next year and know that Parmelee was ready to take over for him, on offense and defense, I would trade him in a heartbeat if I could get a decent MLB-pitcher for him. It would also give us $14 million to add onto the money already coming off the books this offseason, $14 million more we could spend on an ace pitcher for possibly competing in 2013, even.