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Thread: Article: Nishioka Gets Another Shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bonnes View Post
    FWIW, I don't think it was the Twins scouting that let them down on this one. I know some folks who saw the Twins scouts reports on Nishi, and they say it was pretty accurate. I assume it didn't say "AA Player" in big red letters, but it did estimate his skills appropriately.

    I've also heard from some people that the problem with the Nishi signing was that the tail was wagging the dog - the Twins wanted to expand to Japan for revenue reasons and Nishi (and the pitcher they just lost out on) were their attempts to do so.
    I have a hard time buying any this. For one thing, how much add'l revenue could the Twins reasonably expect from Japan?

    It also doesn't seem to jive with the "Twins way" of doing things.


    I think the simplest explanation is often the best. In this case, they convinced themselves JJ Hardy had to go, to get "quicker" and "more athletic" in the middle infield, and they thought Nishioka could provide that, at a minor cost savings to boot. As it turned out, Nishioka hasn't been able to play major league baseball. He wouldn't be the first, and won't be the last time a scout(s) missed on a player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritofVodkaDave View Post
    1. Ryan wasn't the GM! Smith was! At the end of the day it's the GM's decision on who to sign, who to trade etc. If the GM doesn't have the final say then you are in a Steinbrenner type situation, and from what I have seen the Pohlads usually don't get super involved in player decisions (other then oking the payroll increase to sign Mauer)

    2. 4.57 ERA is worth 20 million a year? I get he was "sexy" coming over, but he is suddenly looking like a majority of the other pitchers that came from Japan, they are able to fool hitters for a bit since there isn't a whole lot of tape/scouting report on them, and then people begin to figure them out. In his last 10 starts he has a 5.94 ERA. He's giving up a lot of hits and walks. Not saying he will be a Nishi level bust, just that he won't live up to the money they spent to get him as he settles in as a #3/#4.

    4.57 ERA isn't much higher than league average. He's also 25 and striking out nearly 11/9. His walk rate is his real deficiency. If he cuts that in half, he's an ace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diehardtwinsfan View Post
    His walk rate is his real deficiency. If he cuts that in half, he's an ace.
    Where have we heard this before...

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