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Thread: I propose a motion to ban using the cliche "pitch to contact"

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckshot4227 View Post
    Also you could explain the lack of power bats that come through the organization if you have time.
    This myth really needs to die. In the past 12+ years, the Twins have produced Hunter, Morneau, Kubel, and Cuddyer. Right now, they have Arcia and Sano in the minors along with fringe power bats in Benson and Hicks.

    But the power arms comment is completely legitimate.

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    I'll stop using the term as soon as the Twins stop utilizing the philosophy. It is relevant because it's a statistical fact that pitchers with that have a high ratio of strikeouts/walks perform better than those that don't AND those with a good ratio that strikeout a lot of players perform even better. The Twins have refused to acknowledge this for years, despite the fact that it's been proven over and over again. Even prior to the draft this year Ryan was quoted as saying he didn't care if they drafter strike out pitchers, he just wanted pitchers that can get outs. Sounds like a great theory, but the more times the ball is put in play the more times bad things can happen. The math proves it and the Twins ignoring that isn't going to change things. There are always going to be some guys that have sufficient command, sink etc. to pitch well despite a high strikeout rate, but the odds are stacked against that type of player. Why anyone would want to build their staff around guys who have to overcome not only the umpires, but also their own defense, as well as the luck of where the ball lands is beyond me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckshot4227 View Post
    Could you explain your theory on why the Twins never have any power arms, and how it seems that all the pitchers that come through the organization all seem to be cut from the same cloth?
    Cause that's who the Twins target, it's not anything new. The Twin front office wants pitchers who mix pitches, work quick and throw the ball over the plate. It's what the front office wants, it's what Gardy & Rick want...it's that simple.

    As for the bats, as RP points out they've produced a damn fine lot of hitters over the last 10+ years. Yes right now the cupbroads are dry, but they've had a pretty good run with producing productive hitters.

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    Instead of throwing away the phrase, "pitching to contact" why not reuse it in other ways. For example, no longer will someone be "cruisin' for a bruisin'," instead they'll be "pitching to contact."

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    If I had my druthers, I would refer to "pitch to contact" pitchers as "Fluffers".

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