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Thread: July 31st

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    July 31st

    Rochester vs Columbus 11:05 AM
    ROC: Hurley (0-0, 23.62) vs. COL: Hernandez (0-0, -.--)

    New Britain vs Bowie 6:05 PM
    NBR: Martin (3-5, 4.70) vs. BOW: Clark (10-4, 3.20)

    Fort Myers vs Daytona 6:05 PM
    FTM: Stuifbergen (4-3, 4.81) vs. DAY: TBD

    Kane County vs Beloit 7:00 PM
    KC: Zimmer (0-1, 2.25) vs. BEL: Hurlbut (3-5, 2.61)

    Elizabethton vs Bristol 6:05 PM
    ELZ: Arevalo (1-2, 6.30) vs. BRS: Cose (1-4, 5.58)

    GCL Rays vs GCL Twins

    GCL Reds vs DSL Twins

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    Gibson with 7k's in 3 ip of no hit ball. Buxton with a triple. Parmelee 3 for 6 with 2 HR's.
    Lew Ford?

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    Hicks, Arcia and Benson a combined 0 for 10 with 5k's.
    Escobar 3 for 6.
    Guerra is continuing to be terrible.
    Sano 0 for 1 2BB so far.
    Vargas 2 for 3 with a HR.
    Rosario!! 2 for 4.

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    Very pumped Rosario is back in Beloit.

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    I was at the New Britain vs. Bowie game. I drove out there to see the outfielders, so that was kind of disappointing. Arcia and Benson both worked walks, and Arcia ran down a couple of balls in the gap, looking rangier than I expected given that he's kind of a square gentleman.

    The pitching was impressive though. For whatever reason (I'm going to blame this board) I had expected weirdly below-average velocity for Hermsen, but that wasn't the case. It looked that way early as he worked slower in the first, but after that it was 89-91. Not terrific, but in the range of average. He's clearly really tough to elevate too. The New Britain infield wasn't doing him a lot of favors (the error total was, I believe, generous to the Rock Cats) but he kept getting grounder after grounder. It's not sexy, but it was kind of fun at the time. He didn't throw much breaking stuff though. I saw one excellent slider that struck out Manny Machado, and a couple pitches that came in around 84-85 that must have had some kind of a wrinkle because they sort of froze guys.

    Bruce Pugh, on the other hand, does throw pretty hard. He couldn't hold it for all three innings he worked, but he was 95-96 steady for awhile, with a good slider as well. I think he threw a couple changeups to righties too, which took me by surprise.

    All told, a fun night at the park. I was seriously hoping for fireworks from that outfield, but I'll settle for some more interesting pitching performances that I'd expected.

    This is unrelated to the Twins, but Manny Machado is a pretty good shortstop. When I hear writers say that scouts like "his motions" at short, it sounds like one of those contentless baseball expressions where they're replacing some kind of relatable meaning with jargon - but with Machado, I get it. He's really smooth, even on one absurdly terrible hop, he didn't look remotely put off.

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    Sano with only 11 K's in his last 10 games. He's in a slump power wise, but the strikeouts are down and he's done a good job drawing walks.

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