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Thread: Trade talk . . . blergh

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    Trade talk . . . blergh

    It was the case that Pavano and Capps, with Liriano were going to be the trading pieces (with Valencia and Casilla to add some value). Now, it is only Liriano out of that group. This is the worst case scenario. I then move to Morneau, but only an insane team would take on one year and $14 million. The Twins have moved from trading a pricey conglommeration of crap to hopefully moving a single pricey maybe-better-than-crap piece.

    Given this, they have got to spend money on the FA SP market, or make the relevant trades in the offseason that don't end their offensive potential.

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    Because every team goes into the trade deadline with an ideal scenario. ... Blergh on preemptive complaining.

    Capps and Pavano will be traded in August for whatever. Liriano will clearly be moved; despite his last start, he has real value. Willingham and Span could be moved, but not out of necessity, for awesome value.

    The Twins won't get burned (like last year) for not moving players. If Liriano stays (unlikely), he'll be offered arb (makes sense). Capps and Pavano were never going to get much in terms of value. Really we're complaining about phantoms of Bill Smith.

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