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Thread: Rochester Team

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    Rochester Team

    While most of us have acknowledged that the Red Wings roster is full of junk & less than has beens......new manager Gene Glynn has gotten this unit to play unbelievably well.
    They are 52-54 as of July 26th but 38-31 since May 9th. 15-14 in June & 15-9 in July....how??? Manager of the year for Glynn in AAA.
    Players playing 'well'?
    Clete Thomas...since June 1....51gms 178ABs .241 but .483slgg w/9hr 23rbi
    Brian Dinkelman....since June 1 reactivation....34gms 110ABs .291/.344/.436 2hr 13rbi
    Nishi....since June 1....50gms 190ABs .274BAve 16rbi
    Chris Parmelle 31gms .327/.463/.570 6hr 22rbi 21runs
    Guys like Burroughs, Valencia, Florimon, Ramirez havent really done anything. How have they won.

    Definately Liam Hendriks domination with a solid Jeff Manship/Sam Deduno bein solid, as has a pretty good bullpen.
    Is there something other than smoke & mirrors that Glynn has done to turn this collection into a reasonable team??
    Great managerial job IMO, cant wait to see what he does with Arcia, Hicks, Romero, Benson (again), Herrmann, Pugh, Hermsen, etc next yr.

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    Honestly, I think Parmalee, more than anything else, is the reason this team is doing well. The guy is a beast in AAA. I'm hoping the next MLB shot he gets will come with an every day position to let him work things out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greengoblinrulz View Post
    Great managerial job IMO, cant wait to see what he does with Arcia, Hicks, Romero, Benson (again), Herrmann, Pugh, Hermsen, etc next yr.
    I'd rather see what he does with Mauer, Gibson, Revere, Willingham, Plouffe and co next year

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    Hendriks has been incredible there. Manship has been very good. And the bullpen continues to be solid, seemingly whoever they put out there. It's all about pitching. And, Clete Thomas's power has been pretty impressive.

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    Well, they are full of junk when it comes to high level MLB prospects, but that doesn't mean they are full of junk relative to AAA or AAAA. This is a veteran laden team, full of guys that have played in the majors, and not quite been successful. Not sure if I should be impressed with the manager or not.
    Lighten up Francis....

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