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Thread: Favorite Baseball Movie?

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    "raykinsella"... Why am I not at all surprised that "Field of Dreams" would be your favorite movie!? I've never been to the actual Field of Dreams in Iowa. It's definitely got to be on every baseball fan's Bucket List though!

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    Top 5

    1. Field of Dreams
    2. Bull Durham
    3. Rookie
    4. MoneyBall
    5. The Stratton Story

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    I can't believe For Love of the Game has not been mentioned!!! Just kidding. Nice call Bonnes and Stohs on *61. I was at the "World Premier" of 61* in 2001 at the Fargo Theater. I still rank the #1 The Natural and #2 Bull Durham with Major League a close #3 and Eight Men Out as #4. Major League II and III may be the two worst baseball movies ever made.

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    It's got to be Bull Durham. I'm still trying to learn to breath out of my eyelids

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    Field of dreams.

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    A tie between The Sandlot and Bull Durham -- depending on if my kids are in the room or not.

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    top 5

    5. The Sandlot
    4. Money Ball
    3. Bull Durham
    2. Major League
    1. Hardball

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    Major League for sure.

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    Nobody has mentioned "Talent for the Game". While not my favorite baseball movie (probably Major League is) it's pretty good and even has a reference to the Twins' Eddie Bane in it. Movie is about a scout that finds a phenom that can throw heat so the Angels decide to use the kid as a promotional tool to hype up interest in the club. Anybody remember July 4, 1973 as it relates to Twins history?
    "Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand."

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    The Natural!!!

    Honorable Mentions -
    Drama: 1. Field of Dreams 2. The Rookie 3. For Love of the Game (even with the Tigers)

    Historical: 1. Eight Men Out 2. Moneyball 3. 61*

    Comedy: 1. Major League 2. Bull Durham 3. The Sandlot

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    The Natural. Roy Hobbs is the best character from any of the baseball movies. Is it wrong that I want a New York Knights jersey?

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    I have a lot of movies to see!! But don't hate me when I say that I love "Angels in the Outfield." It still makes me laugh out loud despite the cheesiness. I watch it every year before Opening Day.

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    Just to be cheeky, how about South Park's episode "The Losing Edge?" That's the episode where they try to lose to avoid playing more Little League games, and Stan's dad keeps fighting other dads in the stand.

    Now, there's no need to question my love of baseball. Now. When I was kid, I was ready for those games to be over and done with, and this episode brings it all back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NDogg View Post
    I can't believe For Love of the Game has not been mentioned!!! Just kidding.
    Hey, if you ignore the love-story between Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston, the baseball scenes are pretty good. And the other love story- between Kevin Costner the pitcher and John C. Reily, his aging but personal catcher- is very touching and realistic, too. And it is the Yankees he is pitching a perfect game against, so it can't be that bad. Really, it's like a "life flashing before your eyes" as a once-great pitcher's baseball career is about to die. It's not a bad movie... again, if you're able to skip most of the relationship scenes.

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    No love for "Sugar"? Bull Durham, Major League, Sandlot, Field of Dreams and Sugar are some of my favs.

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    1) The Natural
    2) *61
    3) Major League
    4) Bull Durham
    5) Eight Men Out

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    I realy enjoy Field of Dreams, 61* and Cobb.

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    Field of Dreams. Watched it a couple weeks ago, and my wife kept trying to talk to me near the end. Brutal.

    But honestly, for the first time in my life, I was completely enthralled for the entire 100 whatever minutes of it. I hadn't watched it in about 10 years or so, and I think the mental processes in my brain that have developed in the meantime really helped me 'get' it.

    Moneyball was absolutely great too. I know Keith Law didn't like it or whatever -- "Keith Law disapproves" of just about everything -- but it was a baseball movie that didn't bastardize the game, and didn't pull too many punches.

    I mean I like the 'fun' ones; Angels in the Outfield is great if you aren't looking for a ton of realism, but I hate the movies that make baseball seem as easy as it looks on TV. It just feeds the stereotypes that non-baseball fans have....i.e. it's boring, etc.

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    1) The Natural
    2) Major League
    3) Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings
    4) Bull Durham
    5) Field of Dreams
    6) 61
    7) Money Ball
    8) Eight Men Out
    9) Sugar
    "You teach me baseball and I'll teach you relativity. No, we must not. You will learn about relativity faster than I learn baseball." ​Albert Einstein

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    A really excellent baseball movie nobody has mentioned yet is 'Mr. Baseball'. This was filmed the year before I went to Japan, and is a very accurate depiction of how the game is played over there. One of the best baseball movies in my opinion.

    Others: Eight Men Out, Bull Durham, Little Big League (for its Twins connection), Summer Catch (Jessica Biel in a bikini!)

    Field of Dreams only had about 8 seconds of baseball in it.

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