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    Anyone have mlb.tv?

    I am subject to the backouts for twins games but want to check out out of market games. Was wondering about quality and features - is it as good as MLB makes it sound?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidjcampbell View Post
    Anyone have mlb.tv?

    I am subject to the backouts for twins games but want to check out out of market games. Was wondering about quality and features - is it as good as MLB makes it sound?

    I've been watching the Twins on MLB.TV now for 7 years.

    The quality is pretty good, depending on your ISP of course.

    I've been getting the premium version recently. Initially it was the only way to get the "HD" quality, but now it's main feature is having the ability to select the home or away feed. Plus this year the At Bat app is included free, which I use to listen to games when I can't watch or even throw it on my iPod Touch.

    Worth the money.

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    I have it since, I don't live anywhere near MN, and I love it. Its nice because you can swap out the audio with the radio broadcast so you don't have to listen to Dick and Bert all the time.

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    Whatever everyone else said

    Been using it for years and very happy. A couple of other features of note: All games are "taped" so you can watch a day game in the evening (including the blacked out games). And you can do PIP and watch up to 4 games at the same time with the sound only on one. Also, you automatically get gameday with audio as well...
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    probably gonna get this this year when they do the package sale with MILB TV
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    I subscribed to MLB TV for the first time last year and I'll being paying for it again this season. I was very impressed with the quality of the feed (HD or at least very close to HD) and the ability to listen to the games on my phone while at work (via the At Bat app - now included with the premium version) makes this well worth the price.

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    I live in Portland, OR, after moving from Minneapolis in 1999. I've subscribed since MLBTV first came out and it's gotten better every year. I use an AppleTV2 that's wired to my router and it works great. MLB had a little trouble last spring (I think load far exceeded their expectations) but by Opening Day all was well for me.

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    Now that I live in Texas, it's absolutely worth the $140 for the full season package of majors and minors! If I still lived in Minnesota I doubt I'd be quite as excited about it. I subscribed the day it became available last week and have been watching the handful of memorable 2011 Twins games there were.

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    As a native Minnesotan living in Los Angeles, MLB.TV is the only way to go. I absolutely love it. You should most definitely throw down the extra scratch for the the Premium subscription. It's better quality and you can choose home or away TV broadcasts. The only problem with the blackout rules is that here in LA, I rarely ever get to watch the Twins when they're on the Fox Saturday Game of the Week. Those games, along with Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN, are blacked out, so I'm forced to watch either the Dodgers or Angels (one of them is always on Fox on Saturdays) whenever the Twins play on Fox. But living in Minnesota, you won't have that problem.

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