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Thread: Article: Trade Target Team Profile: Red Sox

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    Article: Trade Target Team Profile: Red Sox

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    An excellent post. Thank you.

    Bogaerts is appealing, but according to the Red Sox prospect list, it seems likely that Bogaerts may end up at 3B, like Sano. But if the Twins could get Bogaerts, I agree that this would be a great get. By the time they make it to the Show, Sano (or Bogaerts) could be playing a different position. A team with both Bogaerts and Sano (and Rosario and a few others) could be fearsome. Revere and Mauer get on base then Bogaerts, Sano and Rosario drive them in.

    Assuming that you are correct that the Red Sox won't deal Bogaerts, I wonder if they might give up Barnes and Owens.
    Giving up Barnes and Owens (two high ceiling prospects who may be 2-4 years from MLB and who may never make it) for Liriano seems like a fair deal, taking into account that the Red Sox will also need to get Butera so that Liriano can have his personal catcher. Or if the Red Sox do not want to take Butera, then they need to throw in Ranaudo.

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