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Thread: Josmil Pinto

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    Josmil Pinto

    Josmil is a 23 year old righthanded hitting Venezuelan catcher/DH. He's been in organiztion since signing as a 16yr old. He spent his first 3 season in VFL/DFL/GCL as a 17/18/19 yr old.

    Pinto broke out as a 20 yr old in ELIZ goin .332/.387/.610 in 53gms-22 starts as C (205ABs) 14doubles 2 triples 13HR 55rbi 39k 19bb & thru out 46% of the 26 basestealers.

    Then spent 2010 in Beloit but struggled---.225/.295/.378 in 100gms-66starts as C (347ABs) 21doubles 1triple 10hr 54rbi 67k 32bb w/26% of 90 basestealers caught.

    Spent first 9gms of 2011 in Beloit before promotion to Ft Myers --.261/ .301/.395 in 73gms-52 starts as C (253ABs) 14doubles 1 triple 6hr 41rbi 46k 14bb 35% of 52baserunners caught

    Thru July 3rd in 2nd season at Ft Myers--.253/.322/.406 in 59gms 37starts as C (217ABs) 13doubles 1triple 6hr 32rbi 34k 24bb 47% of 34baserunners caught.

    2 seasons at Ft Myers....258/.314/.397 in 123gms--103 starts as C (438 ABs) 24doubles 2 triples 11hr 64rbi 70k 36bb---38% of 74 baserunners caught
    compare this to 24yr old Chris Hermanns Ft Myers #s , both as 22/23yr olds----.237/.329/.325 in 131gms 102starts as C (443ABs) 22doubles 4triples 3HR 46rbi 80k 56bb caught 36% of 112 baserunners

    Should Pinto be considered a better prospect than he is (or at least I thought he was). Seems the equal of Hermann to me. Needs to get a New Brit promotion & see where he's headin.
    6 yr FA after this yr, so he may need to be protected or lose him.

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    17 July games have hittin .388/.425/.567 in 67ABs 4doubles 2HR 7rbi 12k 5bb

    Now .277/.335/.435 in 74gms w/8Hr 16doubles 2tripls 38 Rbi 45k 27k

    Now thrown out 17 of 41 baserunners (41%)
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    Good day for Pinto today, 9 hrs in a tough league for hitters. Pinto should get a little more attention. I don't want to think he's old for the level since he's from my birth year(1989). Hope he gets promoted soon to see how he does against more advanced pitching at this stage.

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    He's not too old for the Florida St Lg at.....he's only 23 but at that age/2 yrs in the league with success, you'ld hope he could get a promotion.
    However, his promotion is blocked by Chris Herrmann in AA, who is blocked in AAA by Rene Rivera/Danny Lehman....errrr wait, maybe not.

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    July 20gms 79ABs .392/.437/582 4doubles triple 3HR 10rbi

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    Since July 1st, 33gms 48/125 .384/.450/.616 22runs 9doubles triple 6hr 19rbi 15bb 25k
    Currently 4th in Florida St Lg in slgg w/.476 & 5th in OPS w/.836
    Definately a lack of quality catchers in baseball helps Pinto as he's a 6yr FA who needs to be placed on 40 man roster or risk bein lost.
    Would the Twins risk losing Drew Butera to protect Josmil

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    He's not really a catcher is the problem. Not a good enough hitter for DH. So he's an organizational guy basically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drivlikejehu View Post
    He's not really a catcher is the problem. Not a good enough hitter for DH. So he's an organizational guy basically.
    89gms played.....54starts @ C, doesnt play another position so I dont get how he's not a catcher
    Thrown out 21/57 baserunners for 37% CS
    Cannot gauge his overall catching defense, but the numbers all around for a 23yr old look pretty solid to me, when the position scarcity is huge

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    Josmil was promoted to New Brit...

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