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Thread: Move Justiin Morneau down in the lineup?

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    Move Justiin Morneau down in the lineup?

    I hate to post this because I would have to say he is the classiest guy with the biggest heart but is it time to slide Justin Morneau to bat 7th or so in the lineup? You never heard Justin complain and ask to come out of games because of his injuries over the years unlike some "other guy we all know". I wonder if Justin would be better served taking off games to keep his concussion relapses from coming back.

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    What's that I smell? Oh...I know.

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    Did you forget to check your calendar? This isn’t 2011, or 2010. There’s nothing wrong with Justin.

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    You were one of those people that argued with anyone that got happy for mauer on that shot last night huh. Weird how this is becoming such a thing.

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    Moving Justin done would make sense if it helps him with his confidence or if you have something to replace him with... Given Plouffe's continued hot hitting, I could see Trevor forcing it at one point if it continues... That said, Justin hasn't played baseball for 1.5 seasons and it's obvious there are some flaws... For one, he's a bit rusty, and second, he's pull happy. The scouting is out and it's obvious that he's trying to pull everything. No one pitches him inside. I'll say this, he seems pretty decent against right handers. I thought he put that one pitch out last night, but it died on the warning track. Against lefties though he's putting everything on the ground... the old justin wouldn't have been so bad... I'm guessing with Justin it's going to be a time/memory thing. I'm hoping he kind of puts things together later this year and looks more like his old self come 2013.

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    His hitting is down, move him down. He is one of my favs, but he is not producing and maybe, it will wake him up.

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    I don't think you can just write this off to "rust" anymore. He's had 261 plate appearances. The rust should be gone. Something is different with Justin, and unless it changes back he is not going to regain his old form. It's unfortunate, but sometimes people don't bounce back when they've been out as long as he was the past couple of years.

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