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Thread: Suggestions for places to eat in Ft. Myers

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    Suggestions for places to eat in Ft. Myers

    I'm going to Ft. Myers for the first time, any suggestions for where to eat? I know La Velle E. Neal III posted his, but I was curious if anyone else had some other suggestions.

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    I have a Fort Myers Culinary Guide, up at my site. I should probably repost it as a blog here as well. There are a lot of choices and it all depends on what you like to eat...
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    I've been going down for several years and I spend most my time in Naples which isn't too far away (extended family live over there so it just makes it easier). It's a hike, but you should definitely check out Michelbob's Ribs in Naples and Fernandez the Bull also in Naples are definitely WELL worth the trip. I brought Nick Nelson and Seth Stohs to Fernandez last year and I think they'll agree about it -- Michelbob's is widely known as one of the best places to eat there as well

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    I agree with everything Topper is saying. I would also add that if you have time, go to Captiva Island and have a few drinks at the Mucky Duck and watch the sunset. Truly an amazing spot.

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    Yes, Captiva is gorgeous. You'll have plenty of time in the afternoons to get away for the day since Spring Training wraps up early enough in the day for the players to go out too. So utilize that time to explore the area around Ft Myers like Captiva, Naples, maybe even Sannibel

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    Thrylos98's Fort Myers Culinary Guide has some excellent suggestions. I would particularly endorse the Prawnbroker on McGregor -- excellent seafood at a very reasonable price. A hint that it's good is that the place is regularly packed with locals. University Grill, owned by the same company, is also good with a slightly different menu and more of an upscale saloon ambience.

    If you don't mind a short drive, some of the best dining is found over on Sanibel Island -- I recommend Doc Ford's, Matzaluna for homestyle Italian and the Island Cow, which has quality food even though it has every imaginable dish known to mankind on the menu. Also on Sanibel, a little off the tourist path, is the Beachview Golf Club restaurant, a nice steak and seafood place that has German Night every Wednesday.

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    I would echo everything that's been said thus far, but a good option in Cape Coral is RumRunners (slighly upscale [not too much] and on the canal). The above posters are right about Sanibel and Captiva, great dining, but it can be a bit on the busy side in March. If you want some more information two free guides are available from:
    1. Sunny Day Guide (http://sunnydayguide.com/sanibel_captiva/): PDF Guide
    2. Fort Myers-Sanibel (http://fortmyers-sanibel.com/): Awesome little Pocket Guide.

    Hope this helps.

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    Michelbob's... For sure!

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