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Thread: Article: Twins vs. Reds, 06/24/2012, 12:10pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDog View Post
    I do the same. If I'm not going to be able to watch any or even chunks, I'll just dvr. Sometimes I'll be insulated from finding out and I'll watch the game (often hurrying between pitches or the like with the ffwd). But even if I have kept tabs on the game, I like having it recorded for "just in case" moments that I want to go back and watch. Today's game is definitely one to at least watch parts of. I'd say every Votto at-bat (for various reasons) and the 9th inning for absolute sure.
    Add reasons to watch:
    1) Dozier made a series of good-to-great plays. In the field, he is maturing right before our eyes.
    2) Mauer's heightened interest level, in the dugout, behind the plate, in the batters box.
    3) Diamond. And not just his all-day battle with Votto, ie, he hit Votto early on, and then hit Phillips to load the bases and pitched out of it. He has now actually found a strikeout pitch with his mixing and matching skills. Gives high hopes for the future.
    4) Brandon Phillips. You have to see him play to appreciate just how good he really is. Stole a bunch of hits from the Twins all weekend. He's the best fielding 2B in baseball IMO.
    5) Aroldis Chapman. Did I mention the Chapman-Mauer battle? All right, I did already. Epic regular season game battle that can't be reiterated enough. Chapman has previously hit 106 on the gun and averages 15.7 K/9 with a .76 WHIP. Scary good while still with upside at only 24 years of age.

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    I just noticed that this was the most active game thread since the home opener. Thanks for contributing, everyone!

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    I think that tonight's White Sox thread may yet beat this one. Nothing better to rally the troops than a home opener against the evil ones.

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