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Thread: Random observations

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    Random observations

    Morneau is undoubtedly in a bit of a funk, but even when he's been going pretty well, it seems that he is swinging at EVERYTHING. I don't think his current line gives any value to a contender and I think he's relatively healthy, so.......is this all we are going to get for the life of his contract?Plouffe is getting some hits and playing all right in the field, but the home run swing seems to be gone for the moment. The last two night he has gotten pitches in his "happy zone" and hasn't done anything with them.The starting pitching is a true failure. Diamond competes and is acceptable at the back end of a rotation, Liriano (a free agent to-be) has been good lately, but appears to be a tease, Blackburn can't get to the seventh and gives up tons of well-hit balls and Hendriks hasn't figured out this major league thing yet. Duensing will get his chance today and I'm in favor of that. I'd like to see Deduno get a chance to start by next Saturday--he's throwing very well at Rochester. I like Dozier, but the young man hasn't hit five balls solidly since he started to slump. He had a cluster of errors, but I think he's okay in the field and he seems to go about the game the right way. A hot streak would probably make him, the Twins and the fans who still care feel a lot better about his prospects.I've said since spring training that the 2012 Twins will score more runs, play better defense, have improved health and have an acceptable bullpen. All of this has come to pass, but the club is on target for 90 losses again this year. Most of the Twins top prospects are scuffling so the chances for reinforcement from the minors is pretty small. I guess that means that the club needs to sell off some of the usable pieces they have and try to get players that can help them from 2013-2015. I would advocate trading for a guy that should be in the starting rotation next year at some point plus signing at least one starter in free agency. The AL Central is eminently winnable. The 2011 Tigers were a mirage, but the 2012 Tigers will probably end up winning the division (about 85 wins should do it). With an acceptable rotation, the Twins could be in the race as soon as next year.I'm a BYTOer (I am alswearingen1) and I endorse the merger of BYTO with TD. The product will be better and the conversation sharper.

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    Line breaks, my man! Line breaks! Those of us with wide monitors get quite a wall of text when you type in large paragraphs...

    Anyway, I mostly agree with everything you've said. There isn't much hope for the rotation. Morneau stopped hitting righties as well as lefties, which has made for a miserable June. Dozier is scuffling and while I'd like to see him get a few days off to regroup, I still like that he's getting out there and trying.

    If the Twins limit Duensing to spot-starting, I'm okay with the idea. But I really don't like the idea of him returning to the rotation. I was a big Duensing supporter after his 2009 season and thought he earned the right to keep starting to see if he could learn how to get righties out. He never did an adequate job of it. His 2010 was good but it was also a mirage. 2011 was possibly a worst-case scenario. Either way, I think Brian works best out of the pen.

    And welcome to TD, alswearingen1!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocketpig View Post
    Line breaks, my man! Line breaks! Those of us with wide monitors get quite a wall of text when you type in large paragraphs...
    Line breaks are overrated. The Strib blogs don't support them, why should we?

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