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Thread: Livan signs with 9th organization

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    Livan signs with 9th organization


    I'll give him a pass as he kindly tossed my son a ball from the bullpen in AZ this year, but I'm surprised he keeps getting chances.

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    Good for Livan. He's 53 strikeouts short of 2,000 for his career.

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    Him and Moyer are good signings if you just need a few starts. Livan makes an ok swingman if you have a need or even an ok 13th pitcher on a 13 pitcher staff. He has pitched well enough to keep playing, he just isn't that guy you guarentee a roster spot too. he's more of a mop up man / 7th starter for a team.

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    I had no issue with Livan on the Braves. Livan was used poorly by Fredi Gonzalez, and Frank Wren just took him away so the temptation wasn't there anymore. He's still a useful long man/swingman, but he should not be brought in ever with runners on base as he simply doesn't have the stuff for a situation like that.
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