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Thread: Michael Tonkin

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    Michael Tonkin

    I see he got promoted today. I don't know much about him. Does he throw hard? 56 strikeouts in 39 innings I believe sounds pretty good. Is he considered a good prospect?

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    there is another thread on him. I've heard reports that he's around 94-95 with his fast ball. I would say he's a really good reliever prospect for whatever that's worth. He's put up great numbers this year and I hope it continues. Being a reliever his prospect rankings will top out somewhere between 20-25 but if his numbers continue to be great and he becomes a legitimate closer prospect he could jump around 15. Right now I see him as a very good set up man.

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    Fastball tops out at 92-93, Changeup is around 85 with a slider close to 87. I can easily say that he has had the best command in the Midwest league this last year. The movement on the slider is what makes his repetoir.
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