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Thread: Every team's worst draft pick

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    Every team's worst draft pick

    Here is a link to a slideshow at bleacher report about every team's all-time worst draft pick, and who they could have picked if they had been smarter and/or luckier.

    It's amazing how some seemingly "sure things" turned out to be terrible busts. I hope that Buxton does not fall into this category.

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    Actually, I'd vote for Garbe over Johnson. Johnson was #2 is a really bad draft class. Garbe though went a few spots ahead of Sheets, Zito and Myers (among others). Fun list though. One issue that (should be) gone is signability. Several teams passed on better talent due to costs which won't happen as much, and didn't happen to the Twins this year. Here's hoping.

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    Hindsight is always 20-20
    Some of the later picks were mediocre also. I saw references to several former Twins like Matt LeCroy and Dan Ford.
    It shows just how difficult of a job scouting is. Projecting college players did not appear to be any better than high school players.
    I should have written down the players but it would have appeared that several years the first round did not produce much for players. Like the year they labeled Matt LeCroy ( a fine human being from what I read) as the alternative pick for the first round.
    In their all time 50 worst draft picks ever
    Bj Garbe was #40, Adam Johnson number 35, and Brian Oelkers number 32. I think the Padres had the most on the list along with the Expos. 22 of the 50 were pitchers.

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