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Thread: Interleague Road Trip

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    Esoteric Ball Guy and I are about to head off to PNC. Full update on Pitt later.

    Rochester was a good trip. We saw many former Twins take the field for the Red Wings and an Evan Longoria on a rehab assignment. We had very dangerous seats down the right field line with many left handers on both teams. We walked away with a souvenir off of Brian Dinkleman.

    Esoteric went with the cheeseburg garbage plate and was in a food coma for the rest of the evening. This was my second trip to Frontier Field and it's a cool minor league park, but the crowd was disappointingly small and there weren't enough silly minor league games between innings. Also you get a real sense of the lack of talent in the upper level of the twins system when watching the Wings play.

    If anybody else is in town post your PNC thoughts here. Let's here what thinks about this park.

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    We will be in Cincinnati for the weekend series. This is the 14th annual "Twins baseball bond". The first trip started out of desperation to watch Twins baseball outdoors. We seem to have the most fun in the older Eastern towns (Cleveland and Philadelphia rank high) so I am looking forward to Cincinnati...kicking back and relaxing with friends and baseball.
    Maybe we'll bump into some of you guys at the park or at the taverns. Enjoy Pittsburgh.

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    Night off in Cleveland. Should be interesting to see how this town reacts if LeBron wins a championship tonight. PNC is great, really a beautiful facility that every baseball fan should see in there lifetime. Cleveland was fine, but nothing special. I'm sure it was far more impressive when it was brand new, and everybody else was still stuck in cookie cutter stadiums, but compared to the other modern parks I've been to it just feels bland. Looking forward to seeing the Twins tomorrow in Cinci, and am hoping they put on a better performance than they did on Tuesday night.

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    I've been enjoying your trip so far .... looking forward to reading about your Cincinnati experience.

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    Back in the Twin Cities. We ended up skipping the Snappers and Kernals game last night. The 10 hour drive, plus 4-5 hours of baseball pregame and during game activity, followed by the 3-4 hour drive home seemed daunting so we made the decision to head home from Cinci Saturday morning.

    GABP was very impressive, but the field is ridiculously small. It's easy to see why it's the hitters haven everybody makes it out to be when looking at the shallow dimensions from the stands. What I really enjoyed about it was the sheer size of the land it has to work with. Patios and picnic areas are everywhere around exterior of the park. The Red's team offices and Hall of Fame are just inside of the main entrance, and the view of the river is beautiful. Another thing I really enjoyed is there are about 6 full service bars on each level of the concourses, which is very nice. All in all a wonderful baseball facility, though I will say I'd grow tired of the bandbox, homer happy dimensions if this were my hometown ballpark.

    After everyone of these trips I try to rank which of the parks I liked the best, but this time I don't think I'm even gonna try. Each of the stadiums we went to are so vastly different it's hard to compare them. Toronto was/is an amazing feat of engineering for it's time, but it's still a dome and even with the roof open you feel like your watching baseball inside, never a good thing. Detroit pays homage to it's history better than any other park I've been too, and the statues of Tigers everywhere are awesome, but Detroit the city is scary and depressing so it's hard to appreciate the beauty of the baseball field with so much desolation in the surrounding area. Pittsburg has the most beautiful backdrop of any sports facility outside of maybe San Francisco, but the apathy of the fanbase (better than 4 years ago, but still a fairly dull atmosphere) and the two deck design make it feel like the greatest minor league park in the world, really cool, but too small to feel like a truly major league facility. Cleveland is a workman like facility with a cool setup, but nothing about it really stands out. Also the 3 tiers of suites look ridiculous. Cincinnati is fan friendly atmosphere is great, but a bit overdone, and it's too easy to hit a homer there, which bothers me.

    I didn't include Beloit and Rochester because it's silly to compare minor league parks to their big league brothers. Pohlman field in Beloit was really fun, but it's like Midway in St. Paul, just a field with some stands built around it. Frontier Field is like a pint sized big league park, but they hardly did any of the goofy games that make minor league games fun. Also if you think the Twins are bad, try to watch the Red Wings. Yikes.

    That's all I've got. Hope those of you who kept up enjoyed the updates, and I recommend trips like this to every baseball fan out there. If you plan ahead, and use the proper resources (hotwire, expedia, stubhub, etc.) trips like this can be very affordable, and extremely rewarding. My favorite day of the winter is when the full season schedule is released and I open google maps in one tab, and 7-8 team schedules in other tabs, and put together the jigsaw puzzle that is these trips. Hopefully I can find a way to go east next year and finally go to Camden Yards, and the new New York stadiums. If i'm lucky, might even get to see the Twins there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Esoteric Ball Guy View Post
    Is anybody else taking the trip to see the Twins in Pit and Cin this week? In about 45 min I'll be departing Minneapolis heading to Beloit for tonights game. Saturday in Detroit to see the Rockies. Sunday go north of the border for Jays and Phils. Monday in Rochester to see the 2011 left side of the Twins infield. Tuesday the hometown 9 at PNC, Wednesday the hated Indians take on the Reds in Cleveland, Thursday no baseball (gasp), and Friday see the hometown 9 again at GABP. Finally a quick stop in Cedar Rapids on Saturday to see the Snappers fight the Kernals, then driving home Saturday night.

    It'd be a pretty big coincidence if anybody else had the exact same itinerary, but I'm curious what, if anything other Twins fans are doing this week?

    I just got back from my own road trip: last Sunday Reds at Mets
    Monday Braves at Yankees
    Tuesday Marlins at Red Sox
    Wednesday Rockies at Phillies
    Thursday Rays at Nationals
    Friday Nationals at Orioles

    It was a blast.

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