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Thread: Article: Twins looking toward international market

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vervehound View Post
    someone asked jim callis this very same question in a b.a. chat last year and he speculated late first round. keep in mind that the kid was 16 when he signed so that increases the risk by a significant margin and lowers his worth. b.a. tries, for the most part, to not rank prospects until they at least hit the rookie leagues because you really have no idea what you have until then.
    Verve! Welcome aboard!

    Uh, where's your signature avatar I gave you a few years back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SRP View Post
    I don't understand how this stuff works. Outside of the US and PR, is it a free for all? If that is the case, with teams like the Yankees in this world, how do the Twins have a chance at these players?

    I love how the video for Torrens calls him "El Chamo de Oro." The kid of gold.
    To supplement the previous replies, the long-term hope of MLB is take make the rule 4 draft (amateurs) global, but that has to be negotiated in the terms of the CBA. My guess is the whole thing with a limited signing pool is a transition to that , and it will be taken up when the next CBA is negotiated, before the 2017 season.

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