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Thread: 2012 draft picks

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    2012 draft picks

    Which picks are left to sign for the Twins and how much money do they have left to spend?

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    The 1st half of this question can be answered in the draft signings thread.

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    As far as players that count towards the spending pool (those taken in the first 10 rounds), the Twins have agreements with all but three: Luke Bard, LJ Mazzilli and DJ Baxendale.

    Bard, as far as I know, still isn't 100%, so that would be my guess as to why he isn't signed.
    Mazzilli expected to be drafted higher, so is probably expecting more than slot money.
    Baxendale is still pitching in the College World Series, which would explain why he is unsigned.

    The Twins have agreements with JT Chargois, Jorge Fernandez and Christian Powell, but their bonuses aren't public yet.

    So we'll take those six out and here's what we know:
    Berrios, Walker, Jones and Duffey all signed for slot.
    Melotakis signed for $68.5K under slot and Buxton signed for $200K under slot.
    Andre Martinez got $60K over slot.

    So the Twins have created wiggle room to the tune of $208.5K.

    They could also go over their cap by $618,410 without losing a draft pick (though that would actually cost them just short of $1.1m).

    My guess is that Bard gets slot (or near). And that Baxendale and Mazzilli both get over slot (but under penalty). If they balk, the Twins may offer their savings to a lower-round guy like Timmy Robinson, Josh Graham or possibly James Marvel, of course these would probably be deadline deals.

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